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Maryvale, Phoenix, Arizona


Hi! Welcome to Orcinus Fotograffy! My name is Kimo. I've recently relocated to Phoenix, AZ and currently am attempting to get out and find sources of wildlife and nature, around the Phoenix area. I love playing tag-team photography, so don't be shy!

Available April 2014... CRITTERS OF THE CYPRESS ISLAND PRESERVE 23 8x8 pages of Lake Martins photographed animals! http://www.artscow.com/gallery/book/critters-of-the-cypress-island-preserve-jusydockiffu

Im a US military brat, being born and mostly raised in Heidelberg, Germany, of Hawaiian and German descent. We lived in Heidelberg, Nurnberg, Munich and Mannheim, in Germany and Ft. Ord, CA; Ft. Lewis, WA; Ft. Riley, KS and Ewa Beach, HI during my fathers gov't career. I also served, at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX; Upper Heyford, England; and Whiteman AFB in MO. Continued studies at Control Data Institute in Mannheim and Computer Studies at University of Maryland- Heidelberg.

Returned to Force Protection career in Heidelberg, Germany; then Eagle Base/ FOB Morgan in Bosnia; Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo and then for AKAL Security aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines, Pride Of America and Pride Of Hawai'i. I moved to Breaux Bridge, LA in 2010, and am still amazed by Lake Martins' critters and landscapes. I have not had to venture too far from there, as there's always something different. Moved to Phoenix, Sept 2017, but just now getting settled in, to job and housing.

Proud member of Orca Conservancy, is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1996 as the Tokitae Foundation, calling for the retirement of Tokitae, also known as Lolita, a Southern Resident orca captured in Puget Sound, Washington in August 1970 and now living alone in Miami Seaquarium, the smallest killer whale tank in the United States. In 2000 the group changed its name to Orca Conservancy, broadening its mission to do everything possible to help Lolita's family back in the Sound, to ensure healthy fish runs, to clean up toxic sites, to encourage responsible whale watching, and to prevent an oil spill that in one fell swoop could wipe them out. And if they ever got into trouble, Orca Conservancy resolved to move fast to marshall the public, financial and political support needed to get them out of harm's way and right back to being wild whales again. To keep them from going into a tank in the first place.

The Cypress Island Preserve is situated between Breaux Bridge and Lafayette, Louisiana.
Approximately 9,500 acres of important cypress-tupelo swamp and bottomland hardwood forest habitat is protected.

Beginning in late January, thousands of Great Egrets, followed by Little Blue Herons, Cattle Egrets, Snowy Egrets and Roseate Spoonbills make their nests and rear their young in the rookery. Great Blue Herons and Neotropic Cormorants may be seen in the distant tree tops. Expect a spectacular rookery view from March through June. The 2.5-mile walking levee trail is open from the fall to the spring and is suitable for children. Because this remarkable natural area is easily accessible and affords visitors with incredible wildlife viewing opportunities, our Cypress Island Preserve receives thousands of visitors a year from all over the world.


Duck Season Just Ended by Kimo Fernandez


Boat Photographers Dawn by Kimo Fernandez


European Starling by Kimo Fernandez


The Earth Dies Screaming by Kimo Fernandez


Sunrise LeBlanc by Kimo Fernandez


Under Acadiana Skies by Kimo Fernandez


Cajun Swamp Steppes by Kimo Fernandez


My Studio by Kimo Fernandez


Winters Dawn by Kimo Fernandez


The Walk Of Life by Kimo Fernandez


Morning Coffee With A Friend by Kimo Fernandez


I Miss The Rains Down In Acadiana by Kimo Fernandez


Tumultuous Swamp by Kimo Fernandez


Dream Morning CIP by Kimo Fernandez


Grebes' Dinner Ettiquette by Kimo Fernandez


Moody Hump Day by Kimo Fernandez


A Little Privacy If You Dont Mind by Kimo Fernandez


Kingfisher On The Line by Kimo Fernandez


Momma And Child by Kimo Fernandez


Gator Luv by Kimo Fernandez


Sunscreened Turtle by Kimo Fernandez


Sunrise In The Swamp by Kimo Fernandez


Swamp by Kimo Fernandez


Cypress Sunrise by Kimo Fernandez


Crawfish For Lunch by Kimo Fernandez


Foggy Hallowed Ground by Kimo Fernandez


Nola Halloween float by Kimo Fernandez


Halloween Balcony by Kimo Fernandez


Tower Over NOLA by Kimo Fernandez


Deep Thoughts by Kimo Fernandez


Gas Lights by Kimo Fernandez


Against The Darkening Sky by Kimo Fernandez


Circle Of Fire by Kimo Fernandez


Cypress Silhouette by Kimo Fernandez


Great Blue Sunrise by Kimo Fernandez


Jurassic Cypress Island Preserve by Kimo Fernandez


Home Of The Swamp Thing by Kimo Fernandez


Grebe Engines by Kimo Fernandez


Anhinga Fall Color Collection by Kimo Fernandez


Swamp-Tober Dawn by Kimo Fernandez


Heart In A Foggy Dawn by Kimo Fernandez


Ibis Silhouette by Kimo Fernandez


Kingfisher by Kimo Fernandez


Flying In by Kimo Fernandez


Pink Cajun Dawn by Kimo Fernandez


Cypress Island Preserve Foggy Dawn by Kimo Fernandez


The WORLD FAMOUS Breaux Bridge by Kimo Fernandez


Dawn Over Breaux Bridge by Kimo Fernandez